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We are Solar rooftop integrators. We take care of site assessment, design, installation, commissioning and liaisoning of the complete rooftop system. We provide all types of Solar rooftop solutions.

EcoSoch was started with a vision to deliver sustainable energy solutions for all, mainly Solar Energy. We believe in conserving energy and generating energy via alternative sources. At EcoSoch, we promote “thinking” or “Soch” about Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient alternatives. Hence the name “EcoSoch”. You can find us discussing not only Solar PV installations but also a wide range of Eco-Friendly Initiatives too. We live our belief, a belief that is sure to bring about change.

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Solar Rooftop & Compost at home

With Mr Raghu Belur, Co-founder of Enphase Energy’s Presence in our 7th Solar Rooftop Workshop this year, we are moving towards our next workshop which will be conducted on 19th August 2017.

What is Solar? What does it have to do with Rooftops? Why is it important for the present situation and society? How many different types of Solar PV systems are there? How to design them? Why is the design so important? What is the Government Policy in Karnataka?
Get answers for all these questions in this session….

As an add on we will have a session on How to do composting at home by Daily Dump

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Go Solar : Just be Awesome

Solar being the most abundantly available RE-NEW-ABLE resource could easily be adopted by any individual resident having an own shade free roof top.

Maintenance free system good enough to generate for 25-30 Years.

Incredible Response: The Proof Is In The Pudding

EcoSoch is here to help you get the best solar roof-top solutions. We are here to make your envision come true for your step to go green.

Effective & Efficient Design

We intend to make an efficient design for the maximum usage of sun. 100% effective solutions.

Neat and Clean

Neat and clean installation of inverter and other electrical wiring work. Easy to figure out. Well protected.

Remote Monitoring Device

Remote monitoring device to check ones daily generation. This helps in easy maintenance of system.

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508, 2017

BESCOM approved vendors for Solar Bidirectional Meter

August 5th, 2017|0 Comments

Bengaluru(Bangalore) Electricity Supply COMpany (BESCOM) had approved two vendors for the supply of Bi-Directional meters in BESCOM jurisdiction for solar rooftop's. Whoever is opting for Solar Rooftop with net metering [...]

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We are fully dedicated to our customers. When you come to EcoSoch, there is no need to worry about customer support.

Go Solar and Just be Awesome. We ll take care of the rest

“What our customers say about us”

With a smiling, patient leader and dedicated team, EcoSoch team works together to complete the project as per commitment with total transparency. They did not bother us with anything nor we had to follow up with them. They were also helpful in getting the permits for net-metering done without any hazzles. Great team, All the Best
Susan & Neel, Anekal, Bengaluru
The service and quality of installation done by ecosoch is excellent. I have installed Solar PV systems for my home and business, and I’m very satisfied with the economical benefits and the after-sales support that I have received so far. Also, I love the fact that I’m able to monitor the performance online!


Rishi, Mango Mist Resort
I had a great experience working with EcoSoch. Their personal interest taken during the project and post completion is commendable. I installed Solar water pump for my home almost 2 years back and have no issues so far. I would confidently recommend their services


Wg.Cdr.Navzer Kothawala, (Retd.)

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