Solar Rooftop Home Maintenance : Why & What?

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Life of a Solar Power Plant: A life of any system is as good as the life of an individual component. You would normally hear from any system integrator system would last for more than 25 years. In India, the first solar industry started only a decade ago as such we haven’t seen

Impact on Solar with GST

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With the new GST, Solar rooftop will be impacted with an increase of overall cost by at least 5% from the existing cost. What is GST? How does it impact Solar Rooftop sector? GST means Goods and Service Tax which will be one indirect tax for the whole country. GST is a single tax, right

Net metering Vs Gross Metering- Basics

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Till recently the policy in Karnataka for some of the consumers had been Gross metering(GM) and some had Net Metering(NM). A recent circular from BESCOM has given option for some of the consumer segments- residential, hospitals and institutional the option for opting between gross and net metering. So what are the two types of metering? And

Solar Rooftop Power Policy Changes in Karnataka

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Giving the residents of Karnataka a chance to self consume the Solar power they installed. KERC came up with few changes in their existing Solar Power policy for rooftop. The Hon’ble KERC vide order dtd: S/03/1 dtd: 19.09.2016 has issued Modification to the order 02.05.2016 in respect of determination of tariff and other norms for

Types of Solar Panels

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  Many a times when a customer tries to go for a solar installation, he asks about panels and their types and their respective lifespans. Generally, panels are manufactured using polycrystalline cells. But every time a question arises regarding thin film solar cells which are light weight and cheap. Then why aren’t we using these

A bit of background for the prosumers (producers-consumers) of Solar Power

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The erstwhile Mysore State established the first major hydro-electric generating station at Shivasamudram as early as 1902 for commercial operation. The longest transmission line, at the highest voltage in the world, was constructed to meet the power needs of mining operations at Kolar Gold Fields. (Source) Since then, many hydro-electric projects were undertaken to increase

Solar Water Pump for Drinking and Sanitation

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  Water is the Driving force of all nature.                                                                                            

Burn Coal so that Solar can take over later!

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Thinking like an environmentalist and as a solar evangelist, I would prefer India to reduce its dependency on coal drastically and switch over to SUN immediately to combat Climate Change. Here is the Dilemma!  As a socio-economic activist, we I prefer to accelerate it’s Development, by any energy means, of all of its 300 Million

Solar is cheaper than Coal based energy

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Solar and Wind energy sources  had two main issues. They were expensive and were not immediately dispatchable. But at utility scale they are not expensive any more. Internationally, in Texas, U.S,  Austin Energy, a solar developer, has agreed to supply the power from their solar farm at 5 cents a kilo-watt hour. That's Rs 3.11

Oh Sunlit Morning — A Poem by Rabindranth Tagore

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(Oh the beautiful Sunlit Morning) Wash me with the springing Light-Rays of yours, and remove the dust which has covered my true self, O the beautiful Sunlit Morning, Wash me with the beautiful Light-Rays of yours, The one within me who is still entangled within the net of sleep, you gently touch his forehead with