Not the usual day it was. Very lovely weather. Mesmerizing for people working in Sun. We started to our site having hot tasty breakfast of our choice. We started with an enthusiasm that we will finish installation of 1000 panels crossing 300 kW on the project we are working.

Started at our usual time 8:45 AM. We believed in being on time every-time because we knew there are things beyond our boundaries. Fun part is it did not take us a lot of time to realize that. Sitting in the car we just talked about two things in 2 km. One was on how to finish the panels installation quick and the second  was about the fuel in car. Well, you might have guessed by now that we ran out of fuel. Yeah, we thought the same. Right before the signal. Now everyone of gets down to push the car aside. Rain started pouring slowly at the same time. Now what?!

Brains running fast. Nearest Fuel filling station is 1 km. Finding two water bottles which are 2 l and 1 l bottles. Rushed to fuel station. But couldn’t fill the fuel. They rejected, not because we have bottles but because they are plastic bottles. Finally next fuel station is good enough to let us use that plastic bottle. We regretted using it too. But we did not find a choice.To be honest, being humans we made excuse for one time despite being green energy aspirants. Now rush back to car. Filled the fuel. WhatsApp-Image-20160609Problem is still unsolved. Car did not start. May be the battery is down! That’s the first doubt. Now time to take the car aside before thinking anything. This one was successfully accomplished. Since that we only came 2 km we decided to go on bikes rather that wasting time here. Our BESCOM brother Mr. Basava comes for our rescue. Comes on a bike and we went back on his bike to office to get back more bikes. Leaving him car keys to handle, finally we managed 4 bikes and we are 8. Good to go.

We managed to reach by 10:40. Not bad we are late by 50 min from our usual time. Now to the top the roof. Everyone busy with the work they resumed. Installing panels, riveting the structures, arranging the cable trays, drilling the earth rod etc. Now things are getting complicated with no DC cable left to connect between the panels and inverter. By the time we fix things and install around 32 panels its lunch time. After a heavy good meal, we realized that our panels are misaligned by few mm ,of-course millimeters . Now priority wise neatness is more important than doing things quick. Arranging back our,

Time is running out but we have dense clouds popping in. 

DSC_0066  DSC_0093

SuIMG_20160608_174810620rprisingly, the young team there haven’t realized that it started raining. Rain couldn’t stop them from work but Boss could. Because he cares for and loves his family of employees. He runs in rain to pause the team from work and takes care of left over things rather than assigning someone. Safety helmets could save our head from hair but not our clothes though 😛

DSC_0039  IMG_20160608_174942601

Pausing for the day, thinking of unfinished targets and enjoying the cool breeze with mixed feeling, team walked to the meeting room.


Finishing the meeting on how to handle things here after everyone walked out. only to realize we have 3 bikes and 7 people. Since, one person in team is out with bike for some materials which we ll be running out. With 3 most thin guys on one bike (triples) and rest 4 on other 2 bikes, we managed to reach back office with the drops of rain hitting our face asking us to go slow.

 Long interesting day ends with a lovely dinner all together.



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