EcoSoch™ was started with a vision to deliver sustainable energy solutions for all. We believe in conserving energy while generating power through alternate sources. EcoSoch™ got incubated from Sunlit Future, Auroville in 2011. EcoSoch™ emerged in 2011 as a proprietorship in Bengaluru which later evolved as EcoSoch Solar Pvt. Ltd. in 2015. We started working towards catering the needs of customers in need of sustainable solutions like solar rooftop system, Operation and maintenance of existing systems, energy consultancy services, e-mobility infrastructures, etc. We help navigating against the rising electricity bills and climate change effects with our services. We achieve by working on wide opportunities that will enhance the sustainable results by adapting the latest cutting edge technologies and bringing them into market by rigorous testing on our very own rooftops.


Our vision is to provide solar energy solutions and sustainable living for all. We discover the opportunities that will make a home or an organization more sustainable, competitive, profitable and hence more valuable to society. We aim to deliver decentralized rooftop solar, and energy efficient solutions to promote usage of solar/other renewable forms of energy in daily life.


Our mission is to do design and the integration of decentralized solar photo voltaic “PV” rooftop systems on buildings and farms to bring Ecological and Economical benefits to our clients and to the world that we all share. We provide completely customized solar rooftop solutions that are crafted with at-most quality and are 100% safe and aesthetically pleasing to our customers. We ensure that our systems are completely monitored and can be maintained and controlled remotely so that the solar plant can last for its entire life span. We target to achieve all these by priortizing equally on adapting cutting edge technology, quality of the installation and safety of the system.

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