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Installing Solar Rooftop For Buildings

EcoSoch was started with a vision to deliver sustainable energy solutions for all, mainly Solar Energy. We believe in conserving energy and generating energy via alternative sources. At EcoSoch, we promote “thinking” or “Soch” about Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient alternatives. Hence the name “EcoSoch”. This ‘Soch’ was conceived and developed while working with Sunlit Future, Auroville. We have taken this thinking outside Auroville, while still working with them as one organization. You can find us discussing not only Solar PV installations but also a wide range of Eco Friendly Initiatives. We live our belief, a belief that is sure to bring about change.

We understand your individual needs. We help you navigate ever rising energy prices and the threat of climate change. We discover the opportunities that will make your organisation more sustainable, more competitive, more profitable, and hence, more valuable to society

Meet Our Team

Harsha Kuntur
Harsha KunturFounder & Managing Director
He worked for ten years with Hewlett Packard in California and Colorado while volunteering his free time with various NGO’s on socio-economic issues. His interests led him to quit his day job and move to Auroville, India, a sustainable township, where he was trained, mentored in solar power generation and sustainable living. He worked on many community solar projects with various NGOs and travelled across India before he started EcoSoch. In his spare time, he loves reading books, long hikes and cycling.
Hemant Sharma
Hemant SharmaDirector & Partner
A Electronics engineer with four decades of illustrious career, marked with many achievements. He has worked with ABB, at senior positions. Expert in the areas of strategic leadership, operational excellence, facilitating business growth, building internal competencies, and efficiencies, across multiple sectors such as cement, utilities, paper & pulp, and oil & gas. In last couple of years, he was driving energy efficiency across Asia Pacific region. In his spare time, loves to practice Yoga and play Golf.
Rishi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor is the founder of successful solar energy commercial unit, in Auroville. He has expertise in both thermal and photovoltaic solar energy applications for heating, lighting and electricity generation. Rishi usually works with NGOs who have identified and defined such projects in coordination with the villagers and potential agencies and/or private donors who would fund the projects. He participated in many such projects for villages in Ladakh, Kargil, Zanskar, Orissa, Sundarban, and others.
Toine Van Megen
Toine Van Megen
Toine Van Megen founded Auroville Electrical Service and built first the 36 kW solar system at Matrimandir. He formed the Auroville Renewable Energy Group, which later evolved into “AuroRe”. From 1996 to 2009 he held senior management positions in the global wind energy sector.He is the Co-Founder of Auroville Consulting which includes township infrastructure development, energy planning and business management consultancy services.

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