In certain cases, there would be a variation in the tilt angle of solar panels at a single site itself due to unevenness of the roof, solar arrays spread across multiple roofs, curvature of barriers, uneven cement patches and to avoid shadows from adjacent solar tables and walls. In such cases, customers can raise the question as to what would be the acceptable variation in the inclination angle.

Variation of 1.5 degree between different panels is acceptable as sun angle also changes throughout the year. So, on an average, all panels will produce the same power over a period of 1 yr. Simulation results for Bangalore have shown a variance of only 0.01 units/kW/degree for tilt angles below 11 degrees up to around 5 degrees. We have multiple installations within this range throughout Bangalore because the structure has to be customized to site conditions.

In the below attached simulations, we have gathered the generation details for 11 and 10 degrees of panel tilt:

10 Degree Bangalore

11 Degree Bangalore

with 11 degree it is 152852/100/365 = 4.188 kWh/kW
with 10 degree it is 152640/100/365 = 4.182 kWh/kW

So, as you can observe, the difference is only 0.006 units / kW between each degree.

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