A1-whiteFans cool us by creating a wind chill effect. The sweat on our skin evaporates more easily, we lose more body heat through convection and we feel cooler. Bigger, faster fans deliver more air and cool us better. Bigger, faster fans use more electricity and actually end up heating an insulated room. We need bigger, faster fans that run on less electricity. Enter the SuperFans – built using BLDCs instead of regular induction motors. Read BLDC: THE SECRET OF THE SUPERFAN. Superfans need only about half the energy of ordinary fans. So they not only save electricity, they also heat your room less. In a test run at Sunlit Future, Auroville, by Mr. Debo, the following results were obtained.

Energy Consumption (kWh/h)

SpeedHavells ES 50SuperFan  X1SuperFan  A1SuperFan  V1OLD Fan with Electronic RegulatorOLD Fan with Resistor RegulatorCG Fan with Electronic RegulatorCG Fan with Resistor Regulator

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