BESCOM has some good news for Bangaloreans! BESCOM in their initiative for addressing the pressing issues of their customers have started monthly meetings at each sub-division across Bangalore. The aim of the meetings is to provide a platform for their customers to address their grievences and also to resolve the complaints in a timely manner.

All the customers who have installed solar roof-top systems in Bangalore can also use this platform to raise issues such as net-metering billing issues, timely credit of solar rebate into their accounts etc.

Noted below is the agenda for the CIM Meeting laid out in the BESCOM Website:

Customer Interaction Meeting(CIM)

  • For better consumer service and timely redressal of consumer complaints, Customer Interaction Meeting will be held on 3rd Saturday of every month from3.00pm to 5.30pm at all Sub Divisions to resolve and redress the complaints of consumers.
  • Superintending Engineer of the circle and the Executive Engineer of the Division shall chair the Consumer Interaction meetings at Sub-Division Offices on rotation basis.
  • CIM is a consumer participatory. Here consumers can address their grievance. The same will be heard by the Sub-Division officer. CIM proceedings will be recorded and photographed and the uploaded in the website. Consumer will be issued with an acknowledgement indicating time to resolve the problem.
  • In CIM, once consumer registers complaint, complaint will be heard at the Sub Divisional level. If the complaint is not addressed within the stipulated time by the concerned, the complaint will be escalated to next authority.
  • In case, if the consumer is not satisfied with the service, consumer can appeal to Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), which is a quasi judicial body.


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