Climate Emergency.

Energy from fossil fuels have done enough harm already and it is the right time to make an impact. Cleanenergy is the answer to a lot of problems. These renewable energy acts as a catalyst to reduce the carbon emissions. Utility scale solar along with rooftop solar plants can alone make a huge difference. Solar + Wind along with energy storage can work seamlessly and offer solutions to climate change. Already, solar plants along with energy storage are making headlines and proving itself quite effective.

The Following is a 34kWp grid tied solar project in Bellary, Karnataka. The project was executed with inverters from Delta Electronics India. Electrical accessories from Hensel Electric India Private Limited. Also, earthing rods, clamps etc from OBO Bettermann Group. Panels used for this project are from Waaree Group. The system was commissioned three years ago in 2017 and has produced clean energy since then. Kudos to team for the good work.

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