Thermodynamics teaches us that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but it can be converted from one form to another. It also teaches us that whenever there is an energy conversion some energy is lost to the environment as heat. This increases the disorder or entropy in our universe. Life forms are highly ordered, low entropy systems that consume energy in order to maintain that order. In consuming and converting energy to the forms they need, all life forms increase the entropy in their environment. Humans are not only highly ordered, complex systems that need a lot of energy to survive, but also live in highly ordered, technological communities that consume a lot of energy. We are great contributors of environment to the universe. We classify energy into high quality energy such as food, oil etc., on the one hand and low-quality (high entropy) energy such as heat losses on the other hand. When we say high-quality energy, we mean energy that we can use. There are those who believe that there is a phenomenon called global warming, those who believe that it does not exist,  those who believe that humans cause it and those who believe that it exists but it has nothing to do with us, since our contribution is negligible. What Wes Birdsall did for his community, was to show people that using energy efficiently would save them money. Energy Efficiency refers to energy conversions with less heat loss to the environment. With his continuous effort, he was able to change the whole community. The urban middle-classes generally rely on increasingly expensive electricity and petroleum products for home use and transport.  Today, there are many devices on the market that consume less energy for the same functionality. Of these, EcoSoch presently retails fans and LED lights.

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