Long awaited solar reforms in BESCOM have come! The Government of Karnataka has announced the Solar policy 2014-21, grid  connected solar rooftop system under net-metering basis forms an integral part of the policy. The applications are invited from BESCOM consumers who wish to install grid-connected Solar rooftop PV systems under net-metering scheme. Schematic-diagram-Net-Metering Please refer to the schematic diagram of solar rooftop on grid system for net metering. The generated power from solar rooftop is first consumed by the loads of the building(lights, fans, appliances). If the generated power is more than the building load consume, the surplus energy will be automatically be exported to the BESCOM distribution network( the grid).If generated solar energy is less than the loads of the building, the shortfall energy will be drawn from the grid ( energy import). But then what is Net metering? Net metered energy means the difference of meter readings of energy injected by the solar rooftop PV system into the grid (export) and the energy drawn from the grid (BESCOM) for use by the  seller (import) recorded  in the bi-directional meter. The Tariff for injecting surplus energy by rooftop installation will be as per the prevailing tariff determined by KERC from time to time. (At present the tariff is Rs9.56 per unit for installations without subsidy and Rs.7.20 per unit for installations with subsidy upto 31st March 2018). Then what are we waitiing for? Let’s go solar and earn some income too! (image courtesy bescom)

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