DISCOM Approvals

In case of on-grid systems, EcoSoch would take up full responsibility and will liaise with the DISCOM to get all approvals for commissioning the solar rooftop system. EcoSoch has a dedicated team for Govt liaison works which take care of the entire process till the first correct bill is generated after solar commissioning. It is mandatory to get approvals from the DISCOM since the DISCOM would need to perform a feasibility study (like checking the feeder line capacity, transformer capacity, sanctioned load, etc.) before giving approval to install the on-grid system. The procedure for getting the approvals would be explained clearly to the customer since there are documents that would need to be submitted from the customer’s side to the DISCOM. The scope of work would be (but not limited to) as mentioned below:

  • Collection necessary documents/cheque from Developer for initiating the process
  • Changing the connection name to the appropriate name
  • Merging of multiple meters to a single meter (if required)
  • Signing of PPA with the DISCOM under net-metering/gross-metering scheme
  • Upgrading the HT meter cubicle
  • Procure calibrated meters
  • Commissioning certificate

The fees for getting the system approved and commissioned by the DISCOM would be communicated upfront by EcoSoch or would be included in the proposal as a lump-sum amount.

A flowchart of the interconnection process is provided below which would help the customer in understanding the various stages of the approval process. Typically, there are 3 stages:

  • Application process
  • DISCOM review process
  • Installation and Commissioning
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