As solar microgrids projects are getting more and more popular in the islands and mountain regions, they are also gaining popularity in places close to the city. Microgrids have several advantages associated to it. Low cost on infrastructure, more reliability, harnessing #energy locally. One reason in the popularity of these projects is li-ion batteries with compatible inverters which makes it more reliable and easy to #monitor. We would also like to discuss the longevity of these batteries. Li-ion based batteries have a longer life when compared to lead acid batteries. A live example is #EV‘s, we have already seen such batteries being used in Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited E2O in India and working quite fine for last 6-7 years. A lot of solar installation are also shown as pilot projects where li-ion based batteries were used and are working quite well.

SolarStorage is a very good proposition. We have done quite a few projects where we have used li-ion batteries for #hybrid applications and system have been working and is being monitored. Following is a three phase hybrid system commissioned recently. The lithium ionn batteries from Coslight India Telecom Pvt Ltd and inverters from Studer Innotec SA were used. Stay tuned to know more.


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