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Solar PV being an asset for minimum of 25 years, it has to be optimized well for an ensured efficiency. As an Eco-friendly lovers we care for the systems life and help to extend it. We offer our services in Operations and Maintenance of Solar PV system. A recent study summarizes that 4% increase of returns can be achieved with appropriate “O&M” model with flexible, reliable, effective & complete packages.

EcoSoch takes care of following things as a part of operations and maintenance.

  • Modules Cleaning : Our team cleans up all the modules and make them dust free. Which effectively increases the generation
  • Performance Check : We check the efficiency levels and help out with the ways so that there is no deployment in efficiency. We even help with warranty claims if necessary
  • Upgrade/Revamp : After checking the whole system we check for revamp or upgrade of the whole system based on the requirement
  • IR Verification : Infrared verification check will also be done to check if there is a problem with each cell in a module
  • Safety Check : Every single part of the system is checked and re-checked to make sure there is no leakage and the whole system is shock proof.
  • Insurance : System security is something which ensures customer safety financially. Insurance will be done for the whole system
  • Schematic : Schematic diagram of the system will be given to the customer to along with final report for their further reference
  • Remote Monitoring : Remote monitoring device will be fixed so that customer can monitor their generation from anywhere and anytime