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ARK Serene County, Channasandra, Bangalore

The solar roof-top system installed at ARK Serene County near Channasandra, Bangalore is the first 100+kW solar rooftop system on a residential apartment complex. This is also the biggest installation by an apartment owners association.

106kWp Solar power plant is installed using power optimizers manufactured by SolarEdge and Mono-Crystalline Solar panels manufactured by Waaree Energies. This system generates about 12720 units on an average per month. This generation saves about 1,10,000 rupees/month on the electricity bills. System benefits the environment by saving the CO2 emissions up to 25,250 kg/month. It’s equivalent to planting 85 trees/month aged about 10 years each.

This multistoried apartment complex has invested for their on-grid solar rooftop system using the latest technology available in the market. 350Wp Mono-Crystalline Panels from Waaree Energies were used along with the SolarEdge Inverter with power optimizers making it an intelligent investment considering saving of electricity bills and environmental benefits from the system.

Pre-Installation 3-D Design of Panel Layout

Drone View of Solar Panel Installation

The investment is expected to be paid back in about 5 – 6 years. The system design life is for 25 years and the same is backed up by the warranties on the Panels and Inverter: Panels has a standard product warranty of 10 years and performance warranty of 25 years, SolarEdge Inverter and Power Optimizers have warranties of 12 and 25 years each. With increasing electricity bills of about 5% each year, this plant creates an income of about 6.2crores by the end of 25 years.

Mounting Structures

A typical solar rooftop system is designed such that it lasts for the life of the solar panels at least, which is 25 years. In order to ensure that the life of the solar mounting structure lasts as long, we at Ecosoch Solar use Aluminium Structure and SS Fasteners.  For more on the Fasteners and Aluminium mounting structure please read here.

Apart from that, we use the prefab ballasts made out of concrete. These ballasts are just taken to the client site to fix them on the roof. These ballasts are movable and are not routed on the roof. This is useful because we don’t grout the rooftop, which might cause any water leakage because of poor water proofing. Apart from that if the client decides to move the solar system to another roof, it’s very easy to dismantle the full structure along with the panels and to move them to a different roof. It’s with this intention that we choose to go for Aluminium structure with the prefab ballasts.

Mounting Structures on Flat Roofs

Maintenance of the System

Solar On-Grid Systems generally need very less maintenance. The panels need cleaning on a bi-weekly basis and the internal operation & maintenance team of EcoSoch, SolarCare trained the in-house maintenance team on the nuances of solar panel cleaning.

The System also provides per panel monitoring for end-user via Mobile Remote Monitoring applications, The remote monitoring helps the customer to keep a regular tab on the energy generation and system working.

Daily Energy Generation Graph from SolarEdge

Per Panel Monitoring from SolarEdge

Per Panel Monitoring from SolarEdge

This project was also featured in media, encouraging other apartment complexes to consider the idea of installing solar on their rooftops saving not just their common electricity bills but also for the environmental impact. It also inspires the young generations living in the complex about the idea of turning into sustainable.

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They have installed 105 kw solar system in our apartment ARK Serene County. Completed the project on time with remarkable work.

Shailesh Joshi

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March, 2019




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