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HomeFabrics, Bangalore

A 10 kWp On-Grid Solar Rooftop System is installed at HomeFabrics . HomeFabrics is a high quality fabric manufacturing unit with headquarters in Bangalore.

Being a commercial buildings they were paying a high tariff at the rate of almost Rs.10 per Unit to BESCOM. With such a high tariff and the added benefits of Accelerated Tax Depreciation for solar rooftop systems on commercial buildings, our customer started looking at options of using solar power to reduce their electricity bills from BESCOM every month.

After explaining the systems in detail and understanding the requirement of our customer, it was suggested that an ongrid solar system should be installed to reduce the high electricity bills. The customer also wanted to maximise the solar generation on the limited roof area available.

The roof-top area has multiple sections where solar could be installed and has also shadow factors from different sides. It was also necessary to ensure that the roof-top is optimally used not only for solar but also as a utility space. Since the roof had multiple orientations, the major challenge was to design a system that can generate at it’s peak on all times of the day.

Structure during Site Visit

Since the rooftop had multiple levels, we suggested to elevate a structure on the second last floor to the height of the last floor and install solar panels on an elevated structure so that the area below can be used as a dine out area. The top most floor also had a few flat roof areas which were identified for installing solar panels.
An elevated structure was fabricated facing east direction. The elevated structure also had skylights to avoid the need of any lights during the day time.
Elevated Structure for Solar Panel Installation

Elevated Structure for Solar Panel Installation

Some of the panels were installed on the water tank structure and some on the flat roof of the terrace area. SolarEdge technology with power optimisers ensured that the panels could be installed in a any desired direction eliminating the need of all panels facing the same direction.
Higher efficiency MonoCrystalline Panels from Waaree were used to maximise the rooftop area.
Solar Panel Installation for Commercial Building in Bangalore

Solar Panels on Elevated and Flat Roof

The result was a 10 kWp on-grid system with net metering where the energy bill of the building was reduced to half. The elevated structure for solar PV system was used as a cafeteria area where the employees could have the lunch and also a take a break from work for sometime. The 25 year remote monitoring system help in checking the generation from the solar panels and maintain the solar panels.
Remote Monitoring of SolarEdge System

Remote Monitoring of SolarEdge System

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March, 2019


9.8 kWp




On-Grid System with SolarEdge Inverter with Power Optimizers

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