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Hospitals are one of the main hubs for any city. They cater to the thousands of patients need and for that require a huge amount of energy. When we look from a point of utilities and distribution companies hospital comes as a priority. With help of rooftop solar many hospitals across the country have already offset their carbon footprint. Many are considering the options of going for solar to generate clean energy. Hospitals can make a huge difference in making a positive impact.

The customer was quite happy with the aesthetic aligned solar panels on his sheet roof. Generally hospitals consume a lot of energy and electricity bills paid by management is one major concern. With a solar system on rooftop we can save a significant amount of money. If you run a hospital and you are worried with the ever growing electricity bills you can Call Us Today! (+91) 8123410101| You can also drop us an email at :

Kudos to the people involved in the project and doing a fantastic job.

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Inverter and distribution boxes installed at site.

Special module mounting clamps from Schletter Group

Solar panel installation at site.

Solar panel installation on elevated sheet roof at site.

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