It’s estimated that in India we have 330 million houses, out of which number of houses with proper roofs of size 100 to 300 sqft to accomadate 1-3KW solar systems will be around 150 million. If we consider that we can aggressively solarize 10% of these roofs by 1KW of solar system by 2022, then we should be able to achieve 14GW of solar power. Lets look at our friends from Germany, a country that seem to have hardly any sun when compared to our own. As of today, Germany has installed 36GW of solar power, out of which 40% has come from Rooftop alone. If we are going to follow Germany in making our highways like their Autobahns, then lets follow them to make every one of our rooftop into solar too! One might ask, how much does it cost to install 14GW of solar power. Considering the prevailing rates of 1Lakh for a 1KW ongrid system, it would cost us 14 x 1000 x 1000 x 1Lakh = 140 Thousand Crores distributed over next 5 years, nearly 28 thousand crores Rupees. Is it achievable? Well considering that our GDP for year 2013-2014 is 10,472,807 Crores, our spending on solar is mere 0.26% of our GDP. Before you conclude lets look at our Defense budget. It’s just 2.29 Lakh Crores!

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