We at EcoSoch are always proud to own a REVA for our company. We are not only using it for our personal transport but also use it to deliver our Energy efficient Fans, LED Lights, Composting Pots to many of our customers. It had not only attracted many ogles like no other vehicle we ever drove, but also had done it’s fare share of marketing for us.. Sometimes people call us if we could rent our car to them? Excuse us, for now, NO!

At ecosoch we always strive at being green and go to any extent to make our carbon footprint as neutral as it can be. But one place we could never much achieve was in Transporting our goods, even if we drive Reva e20 as most of the electricity that the car gets is from fossil fuels.

With our work in solar we always wanted to connect our car to photo voltaic panels, but we couldn’t venture into it because it never made sense to buy solar with additional battery to charge one more battery in the car. But now time has come for us to revisit the idea of connecting solar panels to our car. Here is how!

We can connect Micro grid-tie inverters to each solar panel and then convert the output to AC 230V, which is then fed into our building. If the car is being charged during morning hours, then chances are that the car is probably getting charged through generated AC power from Solar. If the car is on move, then the solar power generated through grid-tie inverters is back fed into the grid, making your bi-directional meters go backwards. When the Reva is getting charged during night, then we can take back the electricity from the grid that we fed during morning hours.

But many how many solar panels do I need to use to make our travel completely carbon neutral. Here are the simple calculations.

[info] An avg person in cities like bangalore travels 40km per day. Currently Reva e20 consumes 10 Units of energy per charge for traveling 100km. For 40 km, you would need 4 Units of Energy per day. To generate 4 Units of energy by solar in a Grid-tie Solar system, you would need 1kW of solar panels. This is just an avg number of units of generation throughout an year.[/info]

So ideally you would need 1kW of solar panels with micro inverters to take you 40km of your avg travel via Reva.

But until now we didn’t have the ability to use the micro-inverters because we didn’t have bi-directional meters to send the power from solar during day and use the power from grid during night. With the new changes that took place in Karnataka, we are for the first time can use this great opportunity to make our Travel Green. We will be doing just that.


The featured photo for this blog is the car station in Reva factory where all cars are charged for the very first time. What do you know? True to their word and spirit, all Reva e20 cars are charged via Solar Panels for the very first time. If our car is charged for the first time via solar, then why not every time?

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