Today we had a great opportunity to speak with a group of Senior Citizens from Dignity Foundation, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore, and demonstrate to them Composting at Home, Energy Conservation & Solar Power. Many of them were very happy to have found a sustainable Lifestyle store located very close to their homes. I found it be a very humbling experience to be speaking to many of them on Sustainability. They are the generation that has seen it all. They are from a generation that has seen a life when plastic had hardly invaded our daily lives, they are from a generation who have used candles, if any, to do their studies and to do night time chores, a generation that ate fresh produce everyday, a generation that had seen Horizons, sunrises and sunsets everyday. A generation that never dreamt of cycling and running in closed doors. It’s from that vantage point, they have seen our generation, within two decades, earn 10 times more than their salaries, bring home the vegetables with click of a button and roam around the world in few hours. So Far So Good! But then within this great facade that we built, they also saw us build walls that are starting to crumble within. Our earnings created reckless consumerism for instant gratification coupled with addiction to luxuries that disrespect the very nature that nurtured our species. What was once a everyday affair to them has now become premiumly priced, only few of us can afford. We Move on! A couple having a date with a skyline view on top of new 50 stored building in Bangalore, shows one ad. It’s the Fruits in an ice cream that are Naturals! It’s Lays! It’s Aquafinas, on Treadmills! It’s XUV’s and Scorpios on Iron Roads! And we continue! My generation went on a shopping spree on a Ferari on drugs! Are we loosing track? Well, not so quickly and easily. It’s our elders in a community like we met today that want to change that! They are more determined! more thrilled at an opportunity to restore the life of sustainability without much compromising on our mobile universe. And I smell the change in the air! Long Live Sustainability!

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