Off-Grid PV System

In places where the grid availability is zero or where there are high instances or power cut, it may be best to use a standalone inverter with a separate charge controller.

If the system is designed with appropriate solar panels and battery, it can supply the power through out the year without ever relying on the grid power. If the system is under designed then, the battery is always in very low status. We use Kevin, Sukam for our installations. We use charge controllers from very reputed manufacturers like Phocos, Morning Star, Energy Win and others.

Off-Grid System


3.78kW Hybrid System

3.78kW Hybrid Solar PV System with a 100Ah Battery bank on a tiled roof near Doddanekundi, Bengaluru

3.15kW Hybrid System

3.15kW Hybrid system with a 210Ah Battery bank on an extended elevated structure in Koramangala, Bengaluru


 5kW Hybrid System

5kW off-Grid system on an elevated structure

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